Sensible Sentincing Trust doesn’t know if it’s Arthur or Martha


Raven Casey Campbell today became the first prisoner to receive a third “strike” under the “three strikes” regime passed into law in 2010. Campbell, whose first two strikes were for robbery and aggravated robbery, indecently assaulted a female prison guard, and was duly convicted of this offence as his third strike. He was sentenced to the maximum seven years in accordance with the law, but allowed to apply for parole.

Firstly, we totally agree with Justice Toogood?s decision to apply the ?manifestly unjust? proviso which means this man will be eligible for parole in two years or so. There is no disputing that the indecent assault he was convicted of was at the lower end of the scale for such offending” said Sensible Sentencing Three Strikes spokesman David Garrett.

David Garrett lost the plot. ?After years of campaigning for tougher and consistent sentencing, he’s now agreeing that applying the Three Strikes sentence for a bum grab is “manifestly unjust”.


Because it was a prison guard? ? What if it was someone’s 13 year old son or daughter?

The point is that this creep is clearly unable to control himself. ?And to protect the public from his poor impulse control, the Three Strikes provisions are entirely appropriate.

I expect this kind of wavering from the usual suspects, but if the SST’s bottom lip is now quivering when we get to the business end of what they have been advocating for, perhaps they should just wrap it all up, shut down and leave Sentencing advocacy to those who have the stomach for it.