The shocking truth about FIANZ revealed


Most people believe FIANZ represents all New Zealand Muslims. They are a powerful New Zealand group that receives all the Halal certification money in New Zealand.

Recently I e-mailed some questions to the?ex -National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at NZ about FIANZ and his answers will shock you.


Question: Is it true that FIANZ do not represent your community and that they do not recognise you as Muslims?

Answer:?FIANZ does not represent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at in any shape or form.

Question:The Imam we have exposed does not recognise your community and they have even put in writing that you are all apostates. Is FIANZ the same?

Answer:The Imam you are mentioning is also part of the greater allegiance with other muslim sects that collectively believe Ahmadi Muslims are outside the pale of Islam and the law enacted in Pakistan reflects this. FIANZ has the same mainstream view. Interestingly enough it was the same Imam who with his followers organised two protests against us. One was in Papakura where we were holding a Qur?an exhibition. The other was outside our mosque several months later when we hosted a Open Mosque day where all members of the public were invited to have an informal visit to view the mosque.

They are trying to build a mosque bigger than ours to take the mantle of the biggest mosque in NZ but it will never be the first largest purpose built mosque in New Zealand. This is not something we had planned for but it so happened that NZ Herald and Manukau Courier reporters separately did research and used the phrase ?first purpose build mosque in New Zealand?.

The same Imam earlier this year came with a number of this members to our mosque to see our design and layout.

Question:They are meant to represent all Muslim communities in New Zealand so if this is true it is pretty shocking stuff.I remember during our discussion you all telling us about a Muslim organisation that had rejected your community. Was it FIANZ?

Answer:All of them have.

If I was the New Zealand government I would give my strongest support to the Muslim community most able to integrate into New Zealand society. I would give my strongest support?to the Muslim community that has a motto of “Love for all hatred for none.” I would give the Halal certification business to the Muslim community that regularly meets with the religious heads of all religions to promote peace and tolerance. I would not give it to FIANZ who not only do not represent all Muslim communities in New Zealand but who refuse to recognise the Muslim community with New Zealand’s largest purpose-built mosque.

FIANZ should not be recognised by the government as speaking for all New Zealand Muslims until they recognise and have representatives from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community on their board. FIANZ with Ahmadiyya representation would be a much more tolerant organisation and one that would be a lot more likely to act decisively when complaints come in about Salafists like Dr Sahib.