This single case exposes why the Media party are dishonest and untrustworthy


Until this week the biggest Media party stuff in elections was the infamous Dewey Defeats Truman cock up by the?Chicago Daily Tribune.

This week it was Newsweek who made that likely to be fatal error. I say fatal because they were exposed clearly as working closely with the Clinton campaign.

A national recall went out Wednesday for the special ?Madame President? issue of Newsweek that was prematurely shipped to stores and newsstands across the country.

At the same time, the publisher of the magazine will rush the ?President Trump? version of the commemorative issue to press on Thursday ? so it will get to stores next week.

?Like everybody else, we got it wrong,? said Tony Romando, CEO of Topix Media, the Newsweek partner which produces special issues under the popular brand.

Both a Clinton and a Trump commemorative issue were designed and laid out in advance, but Topix Media, believing late last week that Clinton was likely to win, shipped only the Clinton issue.

The magazine hit stores Tuesday. While retailers were told not to put issues on sale prior to the election, a handful did.

Romando claims only 17 Clinton magazines were sold ? out of 125,000 printed and shipped.

Prematurely? Only 17 copies?

Funny, because Hillary Clinton was signing advance copies and captured by Getty Images doing so.

Photo/ Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Photo/ Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

They can’t even get their story straight. That photo proves the collusion between Clinton’s campaign and Newsweek.

Meanwhile Newsweek is blaming someone else:


They invested in Hillary Clinton like every other media outlet. They got smashed.

Now their reputations are in the gutter, somewhere below the very politicians they seek to promote and way below hookers and car dealers.


– NY Post, Twitter