Sledge of the Day


Judith Collins wins the internet for a day:

Most politicians offered at least some praise for Cunliffe:?Labour leader Andrew Little said he would “leave a gap in terms of our intellectual firepower”, while Prime Minister John Key described him as “obviously a talented guy”.

However, Collins – who slated Cunliffe as a moron after the 2014 election – was less positive when asked for comment on his announcement.

“I’m trying to think of something nice to say – well, he was really helpful in the 2014 election campaign for us.” ?

Pushed for further comment, Collins said: “No, I always try to look for something positive and I’ve always had nice conversations one-to-one with him – occasionally – over the years.”

Asked whether she still thought Cunliffe was a moron, Collins replied: “Pretty close, yeah.”

I feel pretty good. When the guy who was the leader of the political party that chose “Vote Positive” as their slogan and then was donkey deep involved in the?hack of my emails along with his dirty pal Matt McCarten then I feel pretty pleased that that they are gone…and I’m still here.

I wonder if he still feels sorry for being a man?