It’s a start, weak, but a start, as Susan Devoy denounces Islamic hate preacher

Dame Susan Devoy

Dame Susan Devoy

Susan Devoy has been forced to act, even though it is a weak statement, it is at least a public statement from her:

The Human Rights Commission says an Auckland man?s speeches condemning Jewish people are appalling and have no place in New Zealand.

?We live in one of the most ethnically diverse nations on earth as well as one of the most peaceful: this is because we are a tolerant nation,? said Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

?This kind of intolerance is not welcome here in any form: Prejudice against Jewish people has no place in New Zealand.? Videos of speeches delivered by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib at the Manukau mosque have been widely viewed online.

?We urge Kiwis to recognise that these are the views of a single person and are not held by every single Muslim New Zealander, however questions need to be answered,? said Dame Susan. ?

?We?ve been in touch with the leaders of the NZ Jewish Council as well as the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ), both of whom are deeply concerned about the speeches. We have asked for an urgent response from FIANZ.?

I say it is weak because they describe him as “an Auckland man” like he was someone’s drunk uncle raving at no one in particular on the streets of Auckland. He isn’t. He is an important, Saudi-trained?Imam with access to several key mosques as well as posting his hate speech on Youtube and also live-streaming to unknown radicals.

And?I really wonder what FIANZ is going to say and do. You see this hate preacher,?Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib, is also the?secretary of FIANZ.

On top of that he is not just an “Auckland man” or a FIANZ council member, or even a Saudi-trained Sheykh, he is also Imam at the mosque where ISIS-supporter Wiremu Curtis belongs.

It is a start at least, but I think her statement should have been much stronger.


– Human Rights Commission