A tale of two professors on Islamic misogyny and anti-Semitism

Radio New Zealand had two professors on air this morning, nearly an hour apart giving two separate views on the Islamic?hate-speech preacher Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

Jim Veitch from Victoria University says it’s OK as it was in the mosque and shouldn?t be considered from a?secular viewpoint.

Anti-Semitism expert Prof Spoonley from Massey says it’s utterly unacceptable and that he should be held to account. And that Sahib’s anti-Jew and anti-women views have no place in NZ in 2016.

Spoonly rejects the?argument that comments should be seen in context of being spoken inside the Mosque. I agree. Mosques are well known for their spread of hate and their proselytising and identification of people, mostly young men, for indoctrination and radicalisation. It wouldn’t be OK for Brian Tamaki?to espouse these views and nor should it be for a Muslim cleric of some standing.

My other concern is that Victoria University academics think that this display of anti-Semitism and misogyny is just fine because it was only heard in a mosque. I wonder what Lesley Hall, the?Programme Director of Gender and Women’s Studies thinks about Jim Veitch’s acceptance of misogyny from Muslim clerics?

On a positive note, Radio NZ is going from strength to strength, they are showing both sides of the argument. I am definitely?going to have to review my personal ban of speaking with Radio NZ


-Radio NZ