Tania’s Stoop Pooper has returned to Malaysia

Alleged Cowardly Runaway Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

At the time: ?the alleged Cowardly Runaway Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

The Malaysian military official convicted of indecently assaulting a woman in Wellington has left New Zealand after serving his sentence.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail was sentenced to nine months’ home detention in February after pleading guilty to one charge in relation to a sexually motivated attack on Tania Billingsley in her Wellington flat in May 2014.

On Friday police said he had been “removed from New Zealand” after serving his sentence.

He was escorted from Wellington to Kuala Lumpur by two New Zealand police officers on Thursday night. ? …

He had defecated outside of Billingsley’s house and entered the building without his pants or underwear.

I never figured if the deck wrecker was just caught short or it was a message lost in cultural translation.

The poor fellow really got the wrong end of the process when a Green MP decided to use him as a stick to beat the government with. ?With the help of (who else?) TV3, they whipped the hysteria up into a pre-trial frenzy where all I did was ask if we could please hear the other side of the story.

That alone meant I was a rape-enabler.

To?compound the problem Murray McCully’s mob at MFAT stuffed the process up and let him escape the country without even facing charges. ?Well, the rest you know.

To ensure there was no drama, they’ve informed the media?after he was sent home for the last time having served his time for a pretty unusual event that we still don’t really know the full dimensions of.

Media are still selling this as a sexually motivated ‘attack’. ? But, as I said, unless something is lost in cultural translation, the whole thing was better explained by drugs, by a brain injury, or by the fact that the public still doesn’t really know what happened between him and Tania in the days, weeks and perhaps even months leading up to that fateful day.

Maybe it is a failure of my imagination that is letting me down. ?I just can’t see a rapist take his pants off outside the home, dump on the deck, and then go inside to chase the victim around the house a bit before wandering off down the street and then waiting to be apprehended.

I suspect we’ll never know what really happened. ?And that still bugs me.


– NZN via Yahoo! News