Taniwha rejoice! National yields to brown-mail to get neutered RMA reform through

It looks like National has caved to brownmail and given taniwha hope everywhere that they will be able to make extra vast amounts of cash around the country.

The government has reached an agreement with the M?ori party, which gave it the numbers to pass the Resource Management Act (RMA) through its final stages in Parliament.

The M?ori Party is satisfied iwi will be thoroughly consulted and economic benefits have not trumped environmental protection.

Earlier this year the M?ori Party warned it would withdraw its support if iwi was not given more say over how resources were managed. ?

Its co-leader, Marama Fox, said along with more consultation, the government now agreed to diminishing ministerial powers, and increasing the rights to appeal decisions.

“That shows that actually M?ori party are not just protecting the rights and interests of iwi, but the whole of Aotearoa.”

Ms Fox refuted any suggestion the changes amounted to “brown privilege”.

“There is an irrational fear in this country that if you give M?ori a little bit of extra power in any decision making process that that might somehow be detrimental to the rest of New Zealand.

The government is desperate to keep the Maori party sweet, and give them some wins ahead of the election. They’d prefer to cave to brownmail than do a deal with Winston Peters.

National is helping and assisting the building of an apartheid nation with special privilege for Maori simply for being Maori.

I continue to be unimpressed with John Key. He should look at the US elections for a hint as to what happens when you piss off voters of the silent majority.


– Radio NZ