Tax and Spend mayor Tourism unfriendly and business unfriendly



Way to go Phil.

The hospitality industry is sceptical of Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s plan to tax the city’s visitors to pay for the city’s growth.

Mr Goff on Monday proposed a visitor levy to help spread the financial burden of the city’s infrastructure. It would be collected at hotels, motels and bed-and-breakfast operators.

“Accommodation providers and other businesses benefit most directly from the funding council puts into attracting visitors to the city and supporting major events,” Mr Goff said.

How Phil Goff plans to keep rates down
But Rachael Shadbolt from Hospitality New Zealand told Newshub no one from the council has talked to the businesses that would be affected.

“I am not averse to having a national discussion about how we manage tourists coming into the country and how our infrastructure is paid for. I just don’t think it’s through a targeted rate.”

Ms Shadbolt says New Zealand is already quite an expensive destination, and adding costs to that could backfire.

The problem is this: ?Tourists didn’t cause the problem, but they are being fleeced for turning up. ?That’s never going to work out. ?Tourists will pay whatever the locals pay, but if they are being hit while the locals get off free, there will be damage to the industry.

Way to go Phil.

Looks like you’ll have to continue your desperate search for money elsewhere. ? How about a?window tax? ?A pan tax? ?Or even better, a clothesline and drier tax?

Phil won’t care for the reasons. ?He just wants money to make more rail.

This will chill readers to the bone: ?John Key is open to the idea, as long as we charge all tourists. ?Not just Auckland ones.

Prime Minister John Key is open to the idea, but only if it’s applied to the rest of the country too.

“If you’re going to do something? I think we want to do it nationally,” he told reporters on Monday afternoon. “We don’t want to do it locally in Auckland.”

The Government’s cosy relationship with Tax and Spend Goff is vomit inducing.


– Newhub