Ten Questions about the US Presidential election


Simon Lusk and I have compiled ten questions that people want answers to about the?US Presidential election.

The race has been harder to pick than a broken nose. Everyone wrote off Donald Trump from the outset, yet he bested professional and well funded politicians. People want to know who will win.

They are certainly searching on Google about this topic:


So we ask ten questions about the?Presidential election: ??

1. What time will results be declared?

2. When will we know who has won the electoral college

3. What sites are you looking at in the lead up to results being declared

4. What sites will you be watching as results start coming in

5. What TV channels will you be watching as results come in

6. Who do you expect to win?

7. Why are the polls not wrong like they were in the Israeli & British Elections and the Brexit Referendum?

8. What are the betting markets saying?

9. What are the prediction sites saying?

10. Could we be wrong with our assessment?

Later tonight we will send our answers to INCITE: Politics customers, so stay tuned.