Theresa May told to suck up to Nigel Farrage to leverage his Trump friendship


It seems like sensible advice, for Theresa May to suck up to Nigel Farage to get deals with Donald Trump happening.

Theresa May was last night under mounting pressure to give Nigel Farage a role as a go-between with Donald Trump.

Mr Farage posed with the billionaire US president-elect over the weekend ? just days after No 10 rejected reports he could play a formal role in Anglo-American relations.

Last night there were signs of splits at the top of government as one senior Whitehall source told the Prime Minister it would be ‘churlish’ not to take advantage of Mr Farage’s links with Trump.

They said the close connection between Mr Trump and the Ukip leader meant the PM should consider using his expertise.

‘While he is clearly not going to be an official representative, it would be churlish to rubbish him completely,’ the source said.

No 10 dismissed any suggestion of embarrassment over Mr Farage being the first British politician to meet Mr Trump since his victory ? saying they were ‘very relaxed’. ?

Downing Street insists Britain does not need Mr Farage’s help, pointing out that Mrs May had a warm phone conversation with the president-elect last week, in which he said he wanted a relationship similar to that of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

Mr Farage said he was ‘extremely optimistic’ about a post-Brexit US-UK trade deal after meeting Mr Trump and his advisers, claiming he had persuaded Mr Trump to restore a bust of Winston Churchill ? removed by Barack Obama ? to the Oval Office.

But he warned Mrs May had to ‘mend some fences’ as the Trump camp was aware her chiefs of staff Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy had been ‘very rude’ about the president-elect on social media.

In New York yesterday Mr Farage hinted ministers were sounding him out about working for the Government in some capacity.

In a swipe at British officials who have dismissed his links to Mr Trump, the Ukip leader said: ‘It would appear that the apparatchiks in Downing Street keep saying very negative things about me. I’d have thought that’s just a little bit short-sighted, frankly.

‘I would have thought, in the national interest, they perhaps ought to bury their personal enmity towards me and we ought to have a constructive conversation.’

He told Sky News: ‘If I’m wanted by anyone in London to help, I would help.’ Mr Farage’s currency is high with the Trump camp, which had been inspired by his role in Brexit.

Nigel Farage is a cheeky monkey but he is way closer to Trump than anyone in the British government right now.

New Zealand should send someone, but not Murray McCully. I don’t think Trump would appreciate a lifer with 30 plus years in parliament and in the pocket of the?Saudis and who facilitated payments to the Clinton Foundation.


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