And you thought he was truthful campaigning on being “independent”


So much for represent all of Auckland, so much for being independent…Phil Goff is now out there campaigning on behalf of the union weasel wanting his seat, Michael Wood. On top of that, he has hired into his office Fran Mold, his old chief press secretary.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has defended his involvement in Labour candidate Michael Wood’s campaign for the Mt Roskill by-election but said he will not help Labour campaign in the general election in 2017.

National’s candidate Parmjeet Parmar questioned Goff’s involvement in Labour candidate Wood’s campaign, saying it made a sham of Goff’s claim to be ‘independent.’

“It’s up to them how they run their campaign but Mt Roskill voters deserve to know who is funding it and if it’s the independent mayor Phil Goff or their candidate running the campaign.” ?

In response, Wood said Parmar had binged on Parliamentary-funded advertising material in the lead-up to the by-election campaign to maximise her profile.

Goff will attend a $60-a-head fundraiser dinner for Wood with the Indian community billed as a “special dinner with new Mayor Phil Goff” and “unique opportunity to hear from Phil and Michael”.

A mailout of Wood’s campaign leaflet also included a letter from Goff praising Wood on private letterhead but which twice referred to his role as mayor.

Goff denied he was using his position as mayor, saying his support for Wood was as a personal friend who served as Goff’s electorate chair “and I’m doing it unapologetically and openly”.

He would not take any part in Labour’s campaign in 2017 because as mayor he had to represent the interests of Auckland with whichever party ended up in Government.

A spokeswoman for Goff said it was being paid from Wood’s Mt Roskill campaign fund and not mayoral or parliamentary funding.

Explaining is losing.

While Michael Wood is demanding answers about Parmjeet Parmar using parliamentary resources, forgetting she actually is an MP, perhaps he might like to answer questions over his use of council staff to baby-sit his kids.

Meanwhile, Phil Goff has shown that he lied and deceived Auckland ratepayers with his blue signs and “independent” tag. Now he is just proving what a dishonest weasel he really is.


– NZ Herald