Three days after launch, Gareth?s party already has half as many members as Labour

Gareth Morgan is a tool, but it seems there are some political journeymen looking for a new home.

Gareth Morgan’s new political party already has more than 880 paid members – with the entrepreneur saying he has been blown away by the response.

Morgan launched The Opportunities Party (Top) on Friday, saying problems like inequality and housing affordability could be solved but not by “establishment” politicians.

He plans to gauge public reaction to his campaign before registering the party next year.

Political parties need 500 financial members to register, and that mark was surpassed by Top within 24 hours of launching. As of Sunday afternoon the party had 886 members signed-up. ?

“I’ve been really overwhelmed by the response,” Morgan wrote in a blog post?today.

“I thought would take us months to get those kinds of numbers, particularly given I haven’t released any policy yet!”

I love how they link to Gareth Morgan, but never anyone else.

That said, why would you join a political party when they state clearly they aren’t really one, and might not do anything anyway?

I can’t wait for his policy announcements. He’s probably getting his foreign policy straight from Hamas and Kim Jong-un.

The people signing up are probably some of the homeless from the Conservative party looking for another messiah, rather than a naughty boy.


-NZ Herald