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Lesbianism is technically allowed under Judaism since, unlike male homosexuality, no punishment for it or acknowledgment of it is made in holy scriptures presumably because it was thought that women could not possibly form sexual attractions?(Source)


The actor who played young Forrest Gump is now 30, and he served an 18-month tour in Iraq. (Source)


Many Koreans believe that if you leave a fan on over night you will die. Fans are sold with timers so you don’t accidentally die.?(Source)


“Stupid Motorist Law” is a law in the U.S. State of Arizona that states that any motorist who becomes stranded after driving around barricades to enter a flooded stretch of roadway may be charged for the cost of their rescue. ?We need a stupid law like that for everything! (Source)


After a bank tried to foreclose on a man who never took out a mortgage, the man sued, won, and foreclosed on the bank after not being paid?(Source)


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