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A man spent 5 months in prison – unaware that his bail was $4.00?(Source)?


In 1944 the USSR began a massive air attack on the city to force Finland to leave the war. Finns used fires and searchlights to trick Soviet bombers into dropping bombs outside the city. Russian diplomats were surprised to find an intact Helsinki after the war.?(Source)


One of the United States’ most elusive counterfeiters turned out to be a 72 year-old man who made crude $1 bill fakes that were printed on paper and included such errors as “Wahsington.” When caught, the man was given a year in jail and fined a single real dollar. (Source)


The little plastic ball in cans of Guinness won the Queens Award for Technological Advancement, beating the Internet and Email. (Source)


Avocados are optimally adapted to be eaten and digested by an animal far larger than any alive today in the Americas. It is theorized they originally evolved their current form to allow their seeds to be spread by animals like the extinct giant ground sloth.?(Source)


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