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Greenland got its name because the Viking who discovered it was banished from Iceland and felt lonely in his new homeland, so he named and advertised it as the lush ‘Greenland’ to attract settlers, despite the fact that it was actually a completely barren and largely uninhabitable land?(Source) ?


In 1953, an Australian Centurion main battle tank survived a nuclear test only 500 yards away. Despite damage from the explosion, it was still functional. It served for 23 more years, including 15 months of service in Vietnam?(Source)


Stephen King has made large charitable donations without announcing them because he was “raised firmly to believe that if you give away money and you make a big deal of it so that everybody sees it, that’s hubris. … you’re not supposed to make a big deal about it”?(Source)


There isn’t much evidence at all for chastity belts to specifically prevent sex during medieval era?(Source)


The U.S. department of state ranks 70 world languages based on how difficult they are for an English speaker to learn. Among the easiest are French and Italian. Among the hardest are Arabic and Chinese. (Source)


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