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White stork- Ciconia ciconia

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Walmart recalled their donkey meat because it was contaminated with fox meat.?(Source)


White-tailed eagles often reuse their nests instead of recreating them year after year. One family of white-tailed eagles in Iceland have taken this to the extreme by reusing the same nest for 150 years. (Source)


The Limo JFK was assassinated in was cleaned, upgraded, and used for Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Ford (Source)


Peru and Ecuador have fought four wars over differing interpretations of an 1830 treaty… which no one can find?(Source)


Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, used to be a professional opera singer?(Source)


Yes, the photo is related to an item, but we are no longer tracking the answers or doing a league table. So by all means look for the link, but you may not get confirmation that you are correct.