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Alligators have been a long-running problem for NASA, including climbing over their fences and entering buildings over night (Source)?


Duct tape has been brought on every NASA mission since the sixties and saved the lives of everyone aboard the Apollo 13 (Source)


Jaime Sin, a Roman catholic archbishop of Manila was named Cardinal by the pope. Thus giving him the titel “Cardinal Sin”. He also used to greet guests with the frase “Welcome to the house of Sin”.?(Source)


Sskyscrapers in Hong Kong are designed according to Feng Shui principles. This includes large “dragon holes” cut through upper floors that allow dragons to fly through on way to the sea.?(Source)


In the 1790s, the Guillotine was so popular, they made child sized one for kids to behead their dolls and rodents, and the wealthy had tiny ones on their dining table, for slicing bread.?(Source)


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