I told you Bruce Smith was a dickhead

I told everyone that Bruce Smith in Westland was a dickhead, and yesterday he proved it:

New Westland Mayor Bruce Smith, only a week into the job, has been caught out after delivering a speech to Kumara School children using the plagiarised words of United States President Barack Obama.

The Guardian was contacted about the mayor’s plagiarism of the stock Obama speech – almost word for word – after Smith posted his version to his Facebook page.

What a cock. ??

Here is?Smith’s speech:


and here is Obama’s:


When contacted, Smith admitted the words had been taken from Obama, along with “extracts” from other motivational speeches delivered by Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and a “few lines” from Oscar Wilde.

Next time he would credit the source, he said.

“I took four extracts from four different people. It was the best out of all four.

The idea was to make a motivational speech, and I picked the best you can find in the world,” Smith said.

He has since altered his public post to acknowledge the world leaders.

“It hadn’t occurred to me that it would be important (to say) where the extracts come from.

What a retard.

Perhaps we should have Bruce Smith speech writing competition.

“Ask not what Westland can do for you, ask what you can do for Westland”

“I have a dream”


Westland really need a no dickheads rule.

?- NZ Herald