I told them, I warned them…now watch them come for sugar and fat

Health activists hailed the decision on legal liability, saying it could set a precedent for holding other industries accountable for environmental damage or public health harms they could cause.

I have spoken at a few conferences, warning attendees that their industries were next under the gun from health busy-bodies and that one of the weapons they will use is legal processes.

I’m in the front line of this, with three health busy-bodies attempting to silence me, Carrick Graham and the Food and Grocery Council. They are using very expensive legal processes, probably well funded by a vested interest, to sue us and attempt to silence us.

The reason is we take the fight to them.Where this is will head is easy to predict. Whatever is perceived as a successful attack on tobacco will be used against sugar, alcohol and fat.

They are coming for your business as we speak…and they have always started with tobacco.

The latest development is to sue

A global conference on tobacco control has pledged to hold the tobacco industry legally liable for health consequences of smoking and protect public health policies from the influence of tobacco companies.

Representatives from around 180 countries participating in the World Health Organization’s global tobacco control treaty negotiations on Saturday adopted a declaration in which they also vowed to prohibit or regulate the sale of e-cigarettes. ?

The six-day conference on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, or FCTC, concluded with participating countries agreeing to promote alternative livelihoods for tobacco farmers that would ensure a better future for them.

Public health activists say smoking-related deaths are still rising worldwide, with 80 percent of them expected to occur in developing countries by 2030. The WHO says that without strong control measures, tobacco will kill about 1 billion people in the 21st century.

The more than 1,500 delegates expressed their concern about persistent attempts by the tobacco industry to infiltrate the meetings in order to influence the working and the outcomes of the conference.

The declaration cautioned governments against efforts by big tobacco companies to dilute health policies, subvert measures to restrict tobacco sales and undermine the implementation of the FCTC.

You should be alarmed by both bolded statements. The first means that they are wanting to essentially tax again an industry that already pays a heavy burden in taxation…purely out of a willingness to destroy the industry. The second is chilling. That is designed to silence critics and stop people advocating against their draconian measures.

The third bolded measure shows their pathological hatred of the industry. They want to prohibit e-cigarettes which are 95% safer than tobacco. It is pathological, they are zealots, intent on control and destruction.

Bear in mind too that this conference is the one that evicted all the journalists so they could debate all this in secret.

If you own a business that uses sugar, alcohol or fat in your products then get ready for a war. You laughed when I predicted this, you scoffed that it would only affect tobacco…well you need to think again. They are coming for you and they will use legal processes to destroy you or silence you like they are trying with me.


– NZ Herald