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Yesterday’s most supported comment was by Brian Dingwall

When is someone, anyone, going to concede the brilliance of the Donald.

He set himself an impossible target, faced numerous insurmountable obstacles over two years, defeated his own establishment, the DNC (with a lesser budget than theirs) and the media, to become the Leader of the Free World.

The magnitude of this successful task rates up there with some of the greatest achievements ever.

Audacious goals, an incredible strategy, executive brilliance, coming from outside, no one has done that before, started as a laughing stock, and one by one achieved all the milestones on the journey, against the predictions of almost the entire political and media machine.

In spite of this incomparable achievement he is still noted as crazy, mad, unhinged. Richard Dawkins in todays Herald ” the election of an unqualified, narcissistic, misogynistic sick joke as president.”

If all the flippin experts are better than he is, why aren’t they the free world leaders?

Driven by dislike, and contempt for his ability, they will continue to “misunderestimate” him.

Like most others, I’m not sure what to expect from President Trump. ?But one thing I am confident about: ?he will do?better than the left will ever expect, or give him credit for.