transTasman rates Labour’s best… and worst

It’s that time of year when news dries up and newsletter writers and media both have to resort to rehashing the year.

Labour’s top five:

Andrew Little: 6.5/10

“The leadership is solid and this alone gives Little a good year. Still needs to sound more like an alternative PM and less like a union leader. Too much of the ‘angry Andrew’ may be turning voters off.”

Kelvin Davis: 6.5/10

“Cracked open the Serco scandal and made the most of it. Must resist going over the top. A good year.”

Annette King: 6/10

“Andrew Little’s invaluable deputy. Keeps the caucus in line and, occasionally the leader. Still on top of her health portfolio.”

David Parker: 6/10

“An MP with integrity and a fine career. Has been effective in the house on RMA and Saudi sheep deal. Strong on policy and finance.”

Phil Twyford: 5.5/10

“A strong year on housing, and he had plenty to work with. A bit excitable, sometimes over the top but can’t be faulted for effort and endurance.”

Labour’s bottom five:

Nanaia Mahuta: 2/10

“There because of who she is, not what she does, which isn’t much. When she does react, it’s usually too little and much too late.”

Rino Tirikatene: 2/10

“Another disappointing year. No cut through on fisheries, arguments lack focus.”

Meka Whaitiri: 2/10

“Many outside of Parliament have never heard of her. Needs to change this, or she’ll be forgotten inside Parliament as well”.

Ruth Dyson: 3/10

“Still lurching along, she’s rejuvenation material but doesn’t look like going. Labour won’t pick a fight over it. Good debater, competent chair of Government Administration Select Committee.”

Iain Lees-Galloway: 3/10

“One of the boys who makes the noise, not all of it worth much but he didn’t miss many opportunities. Strong debater, although he descends into diatribes.”

Particularly generous towards Angry Andy Little. ?Close observers will notice that whenever he stays out of the media, the party recovers 2% in the polls, and when he front-foots things, they drop by the same amount.

He has a terrible net approval rating, and with that Labour are out of the 2017 election.


– transTasman