transTasman rates National’s best… and worst

It’s that time of year when news dries up and newsletter writers and media both have to resort to rehashing the year.

National’s top five:

Prime Minister John Key: 8.5/10

“Another globe-trotting year helping NZ make its mark on the world. Key’s extraordinary media schedule at home could be why he’s seemed a bit subdued at times. But the ship is steady and no-one questions his vital importance to winning a fourth term. But he’ll need a stellar 2017 to do it.”

Finance Minister Bill English: 8.5/10

“The Government’s ultimate steady pair of hands. English’s vast experience is behind a quiet competence that gives him the ability to take the heat out of issues that threaten to run out of control.”

Murray McCully: 8/10

“May not stand again at the next election, and if he’s done his dash it’s been a good one. Stilled dogged at home by the Saudi sheep scandal, but he’s had a good year on the international scene. John Key’s quiet helper at the Security Council meeting, which was one of the PM’s highlights this year.”

Chris Finlayson: 7.5/10

“Won praise and respect from across the house for the way he’s handled Treaty negotiations. Labour didn’t fault him as a raft of settlement bills went smoothly through the system, and he still had to handle security legislation. A totally committed minister.”

Simon Bridges: 7.5/10

“He’s not being suggested as a future leader for nothing. Bridges is an engaging politician with infectious enthusiasm for his transport and energy projects. He’s had a good year, and he’ll be an asset next year.”

National’s bottom five:

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi: 2/10

“All he’ll be remembered for is the Indian students and faulty fridges disaster. Maybe it’s better he doesn’t say anything, just works away in committees and asks the odd patsy.”

Todd Barclay: 2/10

“Electorate office problems were hushed up. Given a hurry up, and now represents local Queenstown issues more effectively.”

Nuk Korako: 2/10

“What was he thinking with his ridiculous airport lost property bill? Didn’t seem to realise what was actually in it, caucus should have shot it down.”

Melissa Lee: 2/10

“Part of National’s ethnic diversity who showed promise to begin with, but that was 2008 and it’s all gone now. Past her use-by date.”

Jono Naylor: 2/10

“Calling it quits after one term, so what got into him? No-one has bothered finding out.”

You can’t argue the over-all results. ?National on 50% in the latest poll, after all. ?But I think the Top 5 list is awfully generous to positions 2 through 4. ?Especially McCully.