Trotter on the optimism of Trump

Chris Trotter has written another sensible column, this time on the potential positives of a Trump presidency:

What must never be forgotten is that Trump comes to the White House carrying less political baggage than any presidential candidate since Dwight Eisenhower. His billionaire status enables him to operate without recourse to the squalid back-room horse-trading that has turned-off so many American voters.

It?s a situation ideally suited to a successful populist leader. Having run against ?The Establishment? and won, Trump now needs to demonstrate what his victory means in legislative terms. The very best way to do that is take up a position bestriding both the Democratic and Republican parties. By demanding bi-partisan support for his plans to restore American greatness he will be offering himself a win-win proposition. If the Democrats refuse to play ball, they will merely reinforce their estrangement from ?Heartland America?. If the Republican Party balks at Trump?s Keynesian solutions (which, ideologically-speaking, they are bound to do) then Trump has them over a barrel ? a pork barrel. ?

A Republican congress foolish enough to resist Trump?s programme will prove to the American people that it wasn?t Barack Obama who was the problem, or even the godless Democratic Party. An obstructionist Republican majority will demonstrate conclusively that Washington?s problems are ultimately traceable to the Republican Party itself.

If this eventuates, then Trump?s options are twofold. Either, he reaches out to Nancy Pelosi and the new Senate Minority Leader, and makes America great with the votes of Trump Republican loyalists and the Democratic Party. Or, he turns to his ?base? and asks it to deliver him a pliable congress at the earliest opportunity ? the Mid-Term Elections of 2018.

This latter course would allow Trump to do what nobody else ? Democrat or Republican ? has been able to do since 2008: purge the Republican Party of its extremist, Tea Party, element. The consequent drawing together of the two major parties would restore to the Legislative Branch the bi-partisanship it so conspicuously lacks: that willing co-operation among legislators which the framers of the US Constitution deemed essential to the success of representative government.

Such a course of action would, naturally, earn Trump the bitter enmity of his fellow One Percenters ? who would almost certainly attempt an end-run around both the Executive and Legislative Branches by appealing to the Judiciary. What better reason could Trump have for appointing a string of intelligent and independent Supreme Court Justices?

That Donald Trump possesses an enormous ego is indisputable. The question is: will that ego be better served by becoming one of America?s truly great presidents ? or one of its very worst?

All politicians have an enormous ego.

Donald Trump has promised to drain the swamp, if he succeeds then he will be a hero to the American people.

I suspect Trotter had better watch his back, those on the left don’t really like apostates.


– Bowalley Road