Trump poking pins in teacher union eyes

If the outrage coming from his appointments and potential appointments thus far is an indicator of what Donald Trump is capable of then he is going to be an awesome president.

He is now enraging the teacher unions:

The Donald Trump transition team is eyeing former Washington, D.C. public school chancellor Michelle Rhee for Secretary of Education, multiple sources close to the transition tell the Daily Mail.

The appointment of Rhee ? who has been dubbed ‘Public Enemy No. 1′ of the teachers’ unions — would be a bold move by the Trump team, and a signal that his administration is gearing up to take an aggressive stance on education reform.

It would also cut across partisan lines. Rhee is a lifelong Democrat, and a proponent of Common Core, a set of federal education standards that is opposed by many conservatives and Donald Trump.

Trump has vowed to abolish Common Core in his first 100 days as president and replace it with the School Choice and Education Opportunity Act.

The proposal would increase federal funding for school vouchers and charter schools and end federal education standards. It would also seek to increase college affordability. ??

As a supporter of Common Core, Rhee would be an unexpected choice to lead such a change. But her history of backing school choice and battling the teachers’ unions has also earned her support from many conservatives.

Rhee began her career as a teacher with Teach for America, before founding a non-profit group to train educators in 1997.

She came to national prominence in 2007, during her forceful drive to reform D.C. city schools under former Mayor Adrian Fenty. With Fenty’s support, Rhee pushed for stronger teacher accountability standards, including pinning teacher salaries to student achievement and an end to the tenure system.

No wonder the teacher unions hate her…she wanted accountability…how dare she!

Despite furious blowback from the teachers’ unions and their supporters ? who called on Fenty to fire Rhee and nicknamed her the ‘Wicked Witch’ ? she managed to negotiate a contract in 2010 that removed some tenure protections for teachers in exchange for performance-based salary increases. Fenty lost his reelection bid later that year, a defeat some critics blamed on Rhee’s reform efforts.

While student standardized test scores increased significantly during Rhee’s tenure, opponents of Rhee’s policies claimed these results were due to ‘widespread test fraud.’

Since then, Rhee has served as CEO of StudentsFirst, a non-profit group she founded in 2010 to lobby for education reform initiatives.

Sounds perfect.

People are unable to keep up with the guffawing. The Breitbart guy is yesterday’s news because they have someone else to be horrified about.

It’s delicious to watch.

-Daily Mail