Why trust the media? They will always Eff you over

This is just nasty.


Poor Mary. ?She does a necessary job, but she doesn’t get a lot of love for it.

Mary has heard them all.

“Get a real job”, “bloody parasite”, “revenue gather”.

But it doesn’t worry the Waikato speed camera operator. …

For the last 16 years, Mary, who doesn’t want her last name used, has manned speed camera vans on the side of the Waikato’s roads.

That’s right, there is actually someone in those units – tucked away behind bushes or at the end of passing lanes, working a daily eight-hour shift.

The vans are loaded with $140,000 worth of gear and reinforced with shatterproof coating in case they are struck by a passing motorist, or hit by items hurled in abuse.

“I have had a couple of windows completely smashed out twice,” she says from her van on the side of State Highway 26.

So Mary isn’t popular and has had physical damage done to her van. ?That can’t have been pleasant.

No wonder she doesn’t want her full name used. ? And no doubt, Phillipa Yalden and photographer mark Taylor assured Mary they’d keep her safe. ?They’d keep her name out of it.


Some clown, somewhere in the Fairfax empire wasn’t told, or deliberately published her name anyway. ?Worse, it was a nudge nudge wink wink job.

People, we keep saying it – no good comes from letting the media run a story on you. ?And their promises aren’t worth anything.

If Mary gets assaulted or her vehicle damaged over the next few weeks, I’m sure that the Fairfax clowns will take responsibility. ? /TUI