Twyford exposes his own dirty politics and is mad Media party didn’t play along

I’m not sure Phil Twyford understands that his Twitter?exchange berating various?Media party members like Red Andrea and Red Claire was public.

In any case, a?war with media is fraught with danger and he has succeeded in pissing off several key members of the Press Gallery. Accusing them of bias and not running your lines the way you wanted is just plain retarded.


Briefed personally? Wasn’t this called dirty politics at the last election, when politicians brief media people privately?

He carries on the war:screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-5-29-35-pm

This is brilliant. Labour’s campaign supremo is engaging in a war with journalists about messaging…on Twitter…in public. Has he been taking lessons from Trevor Mallard?

In just a few short tweets Twyford has exposed his former cosy relationship with journalists the gallery, especially Andrea Vance. The next time we see a TVNZ hit job on housing the first question anyone will ask now is if Twyford briefed Andrea for the story.

Phil Twyford has just burned off any goodwill?he may have had with the?Gallery and cut off his conduits for stories. They won’t like being exposed as Labour flunkies who get private briefings from MPs.


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