Unacceptable behaviour from Labour candidate

Defending your missus is fine, but roughing up people isn’t.

Michael Wood has flipped out and threatened and allegedly assaulted someone for allegedly?insulting his missus.

Labour’s Mt Roskill candidate Michael Wood has been involved in a bust up with the partner of his National Party rival following a heated by-election debate on Wednesday night.

It’s claimed Mr Wood took exception to comments about his wife, Julie Fairey, from National Party supporters seated in the front row, which included National candidate Parmjeet Parmar’s husband.

Ms Fairey is the chairwoman of the Puketapapa local board for the Auckland Council.

The debate was hosted by local newspaper Central Leader and was a raucous affair with the public loudly interjecting during most answers.

Mr Wood took offence to one particular comment during the debate, which saw him lose his patience and allegedly threaten the man who made it while he was still on stage. That man happens to be his opponent’s husband, Ravinder Parmar.

“Excuse me, if I hear comments about my wife from the National Party front row, there might be some problems after this meeting,” Mr Wood is heard saying in a video from the event.

That is a direct threat.

It came after Parmjeet referred to the Labour candidate as a “yes man” because of his and his wife’s ties to Auckland Council.

Once the debate was over, Mr Wood allegedly delivered his promise – confronting Ravinder, as witnessed by National Party member Graham Collins.

“He was manhandling Mr Parmar, threatening him,” Mr Collins says. “He had his arms around Mr Parmar, physically. He definitely had him in some sort of hold,” says Mr Collins.

“I moved to separate them as they were being manhandled. I put my hands on Mr Wood’s shoulders to keep him away to calm him down,” he says.

Mr Collins claims Mr Wood proceeded to threaten Ravinder by saying “you motherf***er if you mention my wife again, I’ll sort you out”.

Police officers intervened and escorted?Ravinder away from the premises.

Mr Wood denies physically touching Ravinder, but admits there was an altercation.

Unfortunately for Michael Wood there appears to have been a witness. Mind you he is a member of the Labour party so he enjoys similar legal protections that those on the left enjoy.

Frankly, I didn’t think this weasel had it in him.?There is an easy defence for that now, though.

It’s not like I grabbed her by the pussy, bragged about it and then tried to run for US President. This is only?Mt Roskill FFS.