Do you want an ad-free Whaleoil? Now you can


A few months ago we asked you if some of you would pay to have Whaleoil ad-free.

This is, of course, a dilemma for us because ads are what pays the bills. But, we are realistic too and know that readers don’t like them and so deploy ad blocker software to get around it. That, however, affects our bottom line and makes us vulnerable to Social Justice Bullies who seek to damage our revenue in order to try to shut us down.

The management team at Whaleoil got together and tried to find a way forward that would achieve several goals. The first was to remove ads for those who wanted it. We are launching that today.

Another driver is to continue to build the community we have here but to provide additional, premium commentary and information to loyal subscribers and donors over and above what you can get for free.

No one should have to work for free, and neither should we. But we also need to be protected from social justice bullies who seek to destroy the community we have built here.

From today you can join that community and be the first to see what we have planned in the?future. ?

The first step is to join our community for just $10 per month and as a benefit you will no longer receive ads.

Some of you might say; “Big deal, I run an ad blocker”. Well, things change for you today as well. By running an adblocker you have reduced any potential income we may have received by you running ads. Essentially you are bludging. I’m sorry if you find that offensive but I find the closure of Whaleoil to be more offensive. From now on if you run an ad blocker while browsing Whaleoil you will get a pop up asking you to either disable your adblocker while viewing Whaleoil or to subscribe to our ad-free model.

So, why join?

Well, the first benefit is that you will no longer have to see ads?(other than our sponsored posts). Secondly, this is just the start, as we get more subscribers we will be able to find more resources to expand the offerings of Whaleoil. That will include extending our membership offers to higher levels of support in return for exclusive access to new and exciting products and services which are coming.

I am appreciative of the vast level of support I receive for this blog and our efforts. But it is time to begin our expansion plans and we need you. I don’t want to constantly have the begging bowl out asking for your goodwill, it is time to give something back for those donations by way of offering an expanded Whaleoil. Just like other sites around the world that are similar in origin to us (Breitbart) we are seeing an uptick in readership and returning readers. No longer do people trust the mainstream media, but people like us need to have a revenue source to challenge the mainstream media to be in a position to truly replace them.

Thank?you all for your support thus far. Please join us on our journey and expansion of Whaleoil, the first step is to sign up for ad-free Whaleoil.