Well done Dean Lonergan. And all without robbing the taxpayer!


Duco Events says the Joseph Parker’s world title fight in Auckland is still “a work in progress” despite reports in the United States saying it’s a done deal.

ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael tweeted that Bob Arum, the promoter of Parker’s rival Andy Ruiz, let slip that an announcement was looming, but that the fight would be held in Auckland on December 10 as originally agreed.

Duco Events co-owner Dean Lonergan said: “We’re not confirming or denying anything until we’re ready to make an announcement. It’s still a work in progress.”

Heh. ?Dan Rafael just took Duco’s major bargaining chip off the table. ?The “80% chance the fight will end up in the United States” one. ?

The indoor setting of Vector Arena is the favoured venue after stadium options at Eden park and Mt Smart were considered.

Arum was addressing boxing media in Las Vegas where he was promoting Manny Pacquaio’s latest world title fight this weekend.

Plans have been in place for some time for an announcement from Arum in Las Vegas on Sunday (NZ time) to discuss the Parker v Ruiz fight.

Duco Events have been searching for the funds to stage the fight in New Zealand.

Last week they withdrew their controversial bid for government support and decided to back themselves to find the necessary sponsorship for the multi-million dollar promotion.

Duco have had an agreement with Arum that if they couldn’t manage to stage the fight in New Zealand, they would hand over rights to him with a switch to an American venue likely.

But Auckland now appears to be the site of the historic contest – the first time a world heavyweight fight will be staged here, giving the opportunity for New Zealand and Mexico to have their first world champions in this glamour division.

Hang on…

…I smell a rat. ?Perhaps some of us?did pay for it after all?

Phil? ?Phil Goff? ?Mind ruling that out please?


– Duncan Johnstone, Stuff