You Whaleoil people are a bunch of cheats and liars!


You paid for an ad-free subscription, and you are still seeing ads.


The ad-free solution only removes the Google ads from the site. ? What it doesn’t do is remove our SPONSORS’ ads.

Clearly, if we allow you to bypass people and companies that pay Whaleoil DIRECTLY and support us DIRECTLY, we would be cutting off an income stream. ?And that goes against what we are trying to achieve.

So… yes, there will be some ads. ? But these are not generated by a 3rd party, so they are fast. ?They are also non-intrusive and respect your screen space. ?They represent companies that are supporting Whaleoil in a practical way.

To allow our SPONSORS to still have access to you even though you have an “ad-free” subscription means THEY get added value for their support also! ?They get pre-qualified eyeballs and their ads are no longer competing with Google’s.

At this stage, the ad positions are a banner at the top of the page, a 2 block ad space under the daily posts list on the left, and any specific post that has a current sponsor, such as NZVAPOR on General Debate and Backchat.

What I do not envisage is that there will be additional screen space offered to sponsors, although other POST types (Map of the Day, Mental Health Break, etc) might attract a sponsor, so the ad will appear on those pages if, and when. ?We may squeeze in one more ad on the left, and one at the bottom – in the event we are spoilt with sponsors wanting to get your attention.

We hope you will support Whaleoil SPONSORS by allowing them just a little space on your screen. ? The difference from what it used to be is a significant change. ? Whaleoil looks better and loads faster.

Remember, this is more about giving you something in return for your support as we try to future proof our finances as well as try to protect ourselves against the inevitable attempts to intimidate sponsors?into stopping their support in an attempt to hurt us.

This is what you are really supporting.

Although that was a bit rant-y, I hope it made sense.

So ad-free. ?Not Sponsor-free. ?In short.

Please sign up. ?We need your support.


Hey…. PSSSSSSSSSSSSSST….. if you want your company to support Whaleoil, so you can write part of it off as an expense, why not sponsor one of our posts? ? Just ask, and we’ll see what we can do for?you.