Will Gareth Morgan apply the same standards to politics?

Gareth Morgan has published a passage about the TOP not being a one-man band on his new party?s website.

In reality our team is huge, because we have been drawing on the work of scientists and economists from New Zealand and abroad. Anyone who has followed my work will know that I take an evidence-based position on any issue. That means drawing together the academic and policy contributions of a great many professionals.

The litmus test of how serious Gareth Morgan is will be whether he takes the same approach to campaigning.

Will he take an evidence-based position on campaigning? ?

Will he engage serious campaign experts with a track record of winning?

Will he adhere to the same rigorous standards of review of evidence, peer review, and questioning of results that he claims to take on any issue?

Or will he take the Vic Crone approach, thinking his success in other fields will naturally transfer into politics?

Will he recruit a team of people who are political neophytes like Vic?s team?

Will his Joe Davis completely fuck up setting up the campaign and end his chances of winning as effectively as Joe Davis did for Vic?

Due diligence on campaign staff is not particularly difficult to do. Ask them what they have won. Ask them what they have lost. Ask them why they won and why they lost. Reference check. Immediately eliminate anyone that has not won a lot of campaigns and has not been in the game for a decade.

There are very few political experts in NZ, so Gareth may have to go overseas to find expertise. Then he will run the risk of being accused of importing politics from another country.