Winston promises to Drain the Swamp

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Well. ?Sort of. ?He’s going to Tip the Trough

Winston Peters is accusing the government of appointing former MPs to positions on boards regardless of their lack of experience.

The NZ First leader is outraged because former cabinet minister Tony Ryall has been appointed chairman of Trustpower after being a board member since May.

“What Tony Ryall knows about electricity reticulation heaven only knows, but then inappropriate appointments from National has been the order of the day,” he said on Friday.

Mr Peters published a list of seven appointments of former MPs and said there had been many more.

“The real issue here, with some exceptions, is how many had no qualifications for these positions,” he said.

“Many of these candidates leave parliament quoting `fresh challengers’ and `new opportunities’ but come back to dip into the public purse.

“New Zealand First intends to tip their trough upside down.”

Meh. ?All bluster. ? Winston knows as well as anyone else that this is part of the process of getting rid of useless and high risk MPs. ?You need to keep your enemies closer, after all. ?Look how well it worked with Michael Cullen.

Of course, 8 years in, the ‘enemies’ are now National people, instead of Labour ones.


– NZN via Yahoo! NZ