Wrecked him? Damn near killed him


I always suspected Trevor Mallard liked it up him.

Parliament’s new security bollards have claimed their latest victim – Labour MP and Assistant Speaker Trevor Mallard and his red Ford Mondeo.

He had just left Parliament’s underground carpark and the bollards had automatically retracted into the ground when he drove over them. ?

Mr Mallard says the bollard’s stop-go light was green, and when he was about halfway through, one of them extended upwards and struck the bottom of his car.

Asked for comment, Mr Mallard says he felt pretty grumpy, adding that his true feelings couldn’t be televised.

It’s the second time the new retractable bollards have claimed a vehicle – last month a vehicle had its oil sump ruptured when the driver attempted to tailgate through the bollards.

Three more sets of retractable bollards are currently being installed at Parliament’s other entrances.

I nearly had to use my inhaler after seeing that.

Maybe they thought he was a terrorist?

?- Newshub