Under Angry Andy, Labour have gone anti-trade

Labour’s bid to change government procurement rules in favour of New Zealand companies has failed.

Party leader Andrew Little’s member’s bill was defeated 61-59 in parliament on Wednesday night.

Mr Little argued the government should buy Kiwi-made whenever possible.

“Buying from Kiwi companies keeps jobs and wages in New Zealand,” he said.

“My bill requires that when government organisations issue procurement tenders, they design the contract to give Kiwi firms a fair chance of winning and choose successful bids based on the creation of jobs in New Zealand.”

National MPs opposed the bill.

“Jobs are not going to be created by trying to sell more things to ourselves,” said Paul Foster-Bell.

“And this bill is contrary to a number of our free trade agreements.”

Remarkable really, this pointless grandstanding. ?The bill could not even be adopted without violating lots of existing trade agreements.

Labour wants to deliver the Kiwi Dream. ?That is, they want to deliver a protected, inward looking, fewer Asians, no trade country that harks back to the Halcyon Days of the 1950’s.

By all means, Kiwi businesses should be part of the process for bidding for government contracts. ?But the Kiwi taxpayer should get the best deal over-all. ?Sometimes that means paying a little more. ?Sometimes that means choosing an overseas solution.

New Zealanders don’t want Little’s?kind of Kiwi Dream. ?The kind where you get things because you’re on a list. ?Or you were born here. ?Or because you belong to a union. ? Or you are Maori.

New Zealanders want to have a fair whack at it, and be able to build a good life for themselves without the Government telling them they have to buy from X, they have to hire a woman, or they have to force all staff to join a union.

And looking at recent polls, most of New Zealanders are not buying Andrew Little’s “Kiwi Dream”


– NZN via Yahoo! News