National MPs should be careful who they select as leader, otherwise this nasty witch gets to be Deputy PM

My commenters climbed in on her:

Isherman:?It’s a pretty painful 8 minutes of viewing, but for anyone who doubted the sheer lack of class from some of the opposition in the Urgent Debate today on Keys resignation, doubt no more.

Hookerphil:?What a horrible person she is

Michelle:?17 seconds was enough for me and l bet John Key will be glad when he no longer has to listen to that voice and gutter talk

There might be some truth in that comment from Michelle, probably forced John Key’s hand.

Pete (not the mod):?Absolute disgrace and an insult to every taxpayer sweating the tax to set up parliament and pay her to stand up and speak in such a low grade and pointless manner. The Greens will never get there if that is the best the co leader can do. The house was unimpressed; the chamber was almost vacated.

Trashley: I feel sorry for my poor puppy who had to listen to that. Even she understands the nonsensical ramblings of Materia Turei aren’t worth listening to. She barked over Materia until the video was over. Her barking was more informed than the classless barking I just listened to in the house.

Niggly:?What a sour, deluded and hateful fruit loop – for example has she forgotten that National kept Labour’s WFF package to help support families and children?

Pak:?I watched the original performance this afternoon and was appalled by the Green harpy. She had already been obnoxious and aggressive to the P.M. at Question Time, but this graceless finger pointing, lecturing and imperiously ordering JK to “go and take the rest of them with you” has to be the most inappropriate and ill-tempered display from the ghastly Turei yet.

Every single thing she complained about was people who have delivered up their situation because of poor personal choices.

If National MPs aren’t careful then they will hand up a ministerial position to this thoroughly nasty individual.