New Zealand’s UN resolution against Israel is a recipe for legal jihad

Some people think what New Zealand did to Israel is no big deal and is nothing more that a rap over the hand with a wet bus ticket that Israel can choose to ignore. What New Zealand set in motion has opened Israel up to legal jihad with serious consequences for the only true democracy in the Middle East.

…The resolution makes Israeli citizens that are involved in the settlement enterprise in the West Bank vulnerable to lawsuits in courts all over the world.

Jerusalem is also worried that the resolution opens the door for lawsuits against Israeli officials at the ICC: government ministers and senior IDF officers who make decisions about construction in the settlements, the demolition of Palestinian homes, or the expropriation of lands could be accused of war crimes under the Geneva Convention.

The resolution can also lead to the creation of mechanisms to monitor and report Israeli actions, which could lead to sanctions being imposed against it.

The resolution?s wording can also be seen as a victory to the BDS Movement, as it opens the door for boycotts of goods produced in the Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Quite rightly Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not letting this attack go unanswered and he is hitting the corrupt and hopelessly compromised, Muslim controlled UN where it hurts. The exact same sweet spot that Trump can also push, thanks to Republican support for cutting UN funding unless the decision is reversed.


… In response to the vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would stop funding UN institutions, recalled Israel?s ambassadors to Senegal and New Zealand (Jewish Kiwis are worried Israel will close the embassy in Wellington), cancelled a visit by Ukraine?s Prime Minister, and nixed foreign aid to Senegal. Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman ordered the IDF to scale back civilian contacts with the PA…

“Israel is also considering stopping work visas to employees of these UN agencies and expelling UNRWA spokesman in Israel, Chris Gunness, who Jerusalem is accusing of inciting against the State of Israel.”

… Discussing the UN vote, an analyst suggested to Radio New Zealand that Wellington?s eagerness to sponsor the vote may have been motivated by financial considerations.

…?New Zealand also trades with the Arab states, is about to sign a free trade agreement with the Gulf Co-operation Council.

?There?s huge profits being made to export lamb and other dairy products, other food products to the Arab states.

?If there was to be a big trade payoff, the calculations would be in favour of going with the Arab and the Muslim countries.?

When New Zealand experiences its first serious Islamic terrorist attack it will expect Israeli help and support as they are the experts in dealing with religiously motivated terrorists. It would serve New Zealand right to be told to get lost, considering that we are the reason why Israels’ most sacred spot, The Temple Mount is now by corrupt UN decree, Muslim territory.

Late on Friday, the Obama administration demonstrated before the world just how morally perverse they are, and why so many Americans can?t wait for their benighted perspective on foreign policy to become a relic of the past. With Obama?s silent urging and acquiescence, the United Nations passed a resolution essentially declaring the holiest spot in Judaism, the Temple Mount, sovereign Muslim territory, and determining that all Jews living outside of pre-1967 lines are illegal residents on sovereign Muslim territory. Obama did this on behalf of a unity government comprised of three terrorist groups ? Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian Authority ? and to the cheers of terror-sponsors like Iran.

…President-elect Donald Trump to attempted stop the Obama UN atrocity before it began by publicly urging a veto, then working behind the scenes to scuttle Egypt?s sponsorship of the draft resolution. Obama then worked with the Palestinians to push it through…

Republicans have responded by threatening to cut off funding for the UN ? a long overdo policy change that will massively improve American foreign policy, too long at the behest of the worst countries on the planet. Trump tweeted, ?As to the UN, things will be different after Jan. 20th.?

…We hope and pray that he fulfills his word, and the UN becomes just as much of a relic as the Obama administration?s degenerate Middle Eastern manipulation.