Now that Bill is going to be PM what do the opposition think?

Bill English has bullied the caucus into getting across the line. He will be our next Prime Minister.

The Maori party wanted him, the Media party wanted him, Nicky Hager wanted him…and my good friend Brian Edwards really wants him:

I like Bill. Bill is just great. Really, really great. And ? sorry to blow my own trumpet ? but if anyone should know, I should. Well, me and Judy really ? the team that brought you Helen Clark. Back from the dead, some would say, but I couldn?t possibly comment.

Anyway, back to Bill. Did I say Bill was great? What an understatement! Bill is stupendous, charismatic, a master of oratory and, no point in denying it, a real stud. The stats never lie. And here?s the thing: I?m a dyed in the wool Labour man. A socialist, to be strictly accurate. ?

So this is really tough for me to have to say. But hey, truth is more important than politics. And it will out. Bill is supercalifragalistic, expial? Oh never mind. Bloody brilliant on the box too. And if anyone should know, I should. Did I say that already?

Never mind, the truth will out.

And here?s the acid test: if I had to choose between watching a 45-minute interview with Bill on some TV show on Sunday morning and watching Paula Bennett figure skating naked on ice, I?d pick Bill. And so would Judy. Charisma, mastery of the language, sex appeal. It?d be riveting, wouldn?t? it? Think of Bill as a rivet: solid, reliable, holding things together, grey-coloured.

So please, please, please pick Bill to lead you into the next election. If only to please me and Judy and Labour Party voters from the Cape to the Bluff. Bill?s your man. And mine. Thanks. Brian

In just a few short months you are all going to find out precisely why all those people wanted Bill English as leader and the National party caucus will be collectively facepalming their way to unemployment.


-Brian Edwards