Roy Morgan matches Colmar Brunton, are both bogus?

The latest Roy Morgan poll is out and it broadly matches the recent Colmar Brunton poll.

During November support for National rose by 1.5% to 49.5% now clearly ahead of a potential Labour/ Greens alliance 37.5% (down 0.5%). If a New Zealand Election was held now the latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National would be re-elected.

Support for the National partners was up slightly with the Maori Party unchanged at 1.5% while Act NZ was up 0.5% to 1% and United Future was up 0.5% to 0.5%.

Of the three Parliamentary Opposition parties – Labour?s support was at 23% (down 3.5%) ? the lowest support for Labour for over two years,?Greens 14.5% (up 3%) and NZ First 8% (down 2%). Of the parties outside Parliament the Internet Party was 0% (down 0.5%), Conservative Party of NZ was 0.5% (up 0.5%), the Mana Party was 0% (unchanged) and support for Independent/ Other was 1.5% (unchanged).

This poll is broadly in line with the Colmar Brunton poll, but I think that NZ First is way too low. Someone?should ask Andrew Little what their latest UMR poll shows NZ First at…here’s a clue…it’s a lot more than 8% which is why Little won’t be releasing his numbers anytime soon.

Labour’s poll numbers are dreadful. Really dreadful, and Labour really likes the Roy Morgan poll, it has been their favourite for years.


Labour axed David Shearer for poll numbers ten percent higher than that. Things are seriously going bad for Labour.

After months of feeding hit jobs over housing to their media branch of the party?they are slipping away and not improving. There is no way they can rely on Winston Peters for support with those numbers.


– Roy Morgan