Stop blaming bullies, start blaming parents who make their kids fat

The wombles are concerned that fat kids are getting bullied at pre-school.

Instead of attacking the rampant child neglect issues around how a kid gets obese in pre-school in the first, they are instead focussing on the so-called bullies.

Pre-schoolers?are being bullied and suffering from sleep problems?and?joint pain?as a result of being?overweight, a child obesity expert warns.

Many parents are unaware their children are fat, making weight-loss an uphill battle, the expert says.

Nearly 10 per cent of four-year-olds?were found to be obese in routine before-school health checks over six months?this year, Ministry of Health data shows.

What that shows is amazing child neglect, in that parents are making their kids obese. They are in pre-school. No one else feeds the kids other than their dead shit parents. If the kids are obese then that blame falls on the dopey parents.

A new government healthy child?target rolled out in July requires?95 per cent of children identified as obese to be referred for professional weight loss help and a clinical assessment.

A clinical assessment? How does that work? Oh, look a fat kid…lose weight fatty.

Child obesity expert Professor Barry Taylor from Otago University said children as young as four?were being bullied and suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and?joint pain as a result of being unhealthily over-weight.

Up to half (40-50 per cent) of all obese children, including pre-schoolers, suffered from OSA,?where breathing stops momentarily?during sleep. Treatment of the disorder involves?removing tonsils and adenoids.

Taylor said many?parents?were unaware?their child was fat.

“Seventy?per cent of families will not know their child is an unhealthy weight because parents are poor at recognising it because our population averages have changed so much that being overweight is now normal.”

Taylor said it was important health professionals broke the news?of a?child’s weight with sensitivity to ensure the child was not psychologically harmed.

“It’s not the four-year-old’s fault.?It’s the environment we are living in?and families who have to fight that environment to maintain their health.

“That discussion, as you can imagine, is a difficult discussion and has to be done with some sensitivity . . .?some parents will be angry, some parents will feel guilty.”

What a womble. Those parents should feel guilty, they created the little food sucking monster.

The solution is simple. Make Fat Albert walk to school, control what Fat Albert eats, and stop being a dead-beat parent?feeding shit to your kids.

Amazingly, the bullying for being fat will cease. Simple really.

Other than that perhaps we could start charging parents of obese pre-schoolers with child abuse.


– Fairfax