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The cast of the critically acclaimed Das Boot were not allowed to see sunshine during the entire year the movie was filmed. This was done in order to maintain their unhealthy pallor and contributed to their realistic portrayal of a “journey into madness”.?(Source)?


Beer hops naturally produce an acid that can kill off a parasitic mite known to annihilate entire colonies of bees. Hops have shown such promise to helping Colony Collapse Disorder, that the EPA has even approved their use as a biochemical miticide. (Source)


For Christmas, Catalan children “feed” a hollowed-out log with a painted face, then later sing a song and beat the log with a stick until it defecates presents. The first line of the song is “Shit, log!” (Source)


Psychopaths aren’t affected by the contagiousness of yawning (Source)


Japanese Death Row inmates are not told their date of execution. They wake up each day wondering if it might be their last.?(Source)


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