Do it Twitter, I Double Dare you

Twitter has said that it will remove Trump from the social platform if he becomes too ” unruly. ” Their stance is not unsurprising given their ongoing campaign of censorship of conservative voices which has created an exodus to Gab. Trump’s campaign team have credited their social media campaign with helping them win the election so it is not surprising that the left-leaning business would now look for any possible excuse to take away Trump’s communication with his massive following.


Trump?s Twitter account now has 16.2 million followers, and his Facebook account has 15.6 million likes. His Instagram account has 4.2 million followers. Between the three, that?s 36 million people his personal social media accounts reach.

?The success to our social media platforms comes directly from then-candidate, and now President-elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump,? Scavino told?Breitbart News. ?It is all Mr. Trump and his messaging. Whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram platforms, Mr. Trump is directly involved with our social media messaging. He loves communicating with the American people, and he loves seeing what is going out.?

Scavino informed?Breitbart News that there was not some boardroom of political consultants pre-testing talking points for tweets and Facebook and Instagram posts before they went out. It was him, Trump and his iPhone, that led the way in making this happen.

?Our social media platforms?and the way they were operated?is without question, historic,? Scavino said. ?It has never been seen before, and it will never be seen again. We didn?t have a massive team?just a few of us working on all of his social platforms. We did not have videographers, producers, or social media managers responsible for handling each platform.

…That occasionally led to some criticism of some of the posts, but Trump?s victory on November 8 speaks for itself.

In recent months, Twitter is taking a hard stance on censorship,?which is quite contradictory to how the company traditionally identifies itself.

…The tech company purged a number of popular alt-right social media profiles this past month, including Richard Spencer, president and director of the National Policy Institute, which is an alt-right think tank embracing white nationalism.

…?This is corporate Stalinism,? Spencer told The Daily Caller News Foundation. ?Twitter is trying to airbrush the Alt Right out of existence. They?re clearly afraid. They will fail!?

Free speech advocates argue that Twitter shouldn?t be censoring users who post ignorant comments because idea-expression is protected by the First Amendment and is a core American value, but as a private business, Twitter is legally in the clear.

Others?assert that Twitter should remove what they consider ?trolls? because it allows for hate to grow and fester.

Twitter?s?eagerness to censor may have ironically manifested itself after the company?s CEO Jack Dorsey had his account suspended in an apparent self-inflicted wound.

…?Abuse is not part of civil discourse. It shuts down conversation and prevents us from understanding each other. Freedom of expression means little if we allow voices to be silenced because of fear of harassment if they speak up. No one deserves to be the target of abuse online and it has no place on Twitter,? Dorsey continued.

As Trump fires off tweets in his usual brazen manner, Twitter will be forced to decipher what it constitutes as abuse and whether it will censor the incoming president.

If Twitter bans Trump (and I think that it is highly likely that they will) ?he will take his 16.2 million followers to Gab. Twitter is already?bleeding but they will make their condition terminal when they take away the?freedom of speech of the President of the United States. It certainly will be a historic moment and one that may give some of them personal satisfaction. It will also look impressive on their tombstone.