Winston on Labour and the Greens

Winston Peters has given an interview to Jo Moir from Fairfax and it is very interesting indeed.

He has started signalling where his preferences lie…and they?aren’t where the left-wing thinks they are:

According to Peters, Labour were on the right track last year with their controversial?Chinese-sounding surnames story, which revealed Chinese buyers accounted for 39.5 per cent of buyers compared to the 9 per cent of Auckland’s population recorded as being ethnically Chinese in the last census.

Where they went wrong is that “they lost their nerve”.

That was NZ First’s “missed opportunity”,?if Peters?had to name one. ?

“We got the Chinese names story but we didn’t run with it because I didn’t have time to quantify it and it was clear to me they weren’t going to give us time.”

He won’t say whether his party would have done a better job of handling it – “I’m not going to knock Labour so close to Christmas”.

However, he is critical of their?memorandum of understanding with the Greens, dismissing suggestions his criticism is based on his well-known dislike for the party.

“It’s not about the Greens – it damages the Labour brand. This is a 100-year-old party that used to stand for something.

From a strategic point of view I can’t figure out why they did it.

Does he think?Labour has?it in them to beat National??Peters won’t go there, but says it’s clear that “[Bill]?English isn’t a game-changer”,?regardless of what the opposition or media say.

Winston Peters is a smart man.

He is dead right. We all know he thinks the Greens are lunatics, he’s shafted them before with Helen Clark. But he is right in that the Greens damage Labour’s brand, such as it is now. Go into any workingmen’s club in the country these days and you’d struggle to find anyone who can say what Labour stands for. The once great party is a shadow of its former self.