Bill English misses the point entirely on immigration and Trump’s executive order

Bill English is proving to be the most hopeless PM we’ve had in a long time, and as dreadful as I predicted he would be.

His gutlessness over Donald Trump’s executive orders adding Syria to the list of countries Obama already had put a travel ban in place for is just more gutlessness from a weasel of a politician.

The prime minister says he disagrees with the United States’ entry restrictions on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, but has not made his views known to President Donald Trump.

Under Mr Trump’s executive order, people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan have been prevented from entering the United States for 90 days. This would include any New Zealand resident who was a citizen of one of the seven countries.

Mr Trump also put a four-month hold on allowing refugees into America and an indefinite ban on taking refugees from Syria.

Except, Donald Trump’s executive order only mentions ONE country, Syria. The media continues to lie and dissemble. It was Obama who put the travel ban on the other six countries.

Mr English has been under mounting pressure to condemn Mr Trump’s immigration order.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy this morning urged him to make a statement – “if anything to assure the Muslim New Zealanders living in New Zealand that we’re going to look after them”.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei told Morning Report the order was “grossly unjust” and Mr English needed to join other country leaders and show “moral leadership”.

Why the pressure? It is only the luvvies and the minor parties, but English caved anyway. The travel ban never mentioned Muslims, it only mentioned Syria and it seems wise given the various factions of Islamists to thoroughly vet anyone coming from that country, especially the Muslims. Instead, what does the weasel do, he runs for the liberal hills.

Bill English said today he would not implement such a ban in New Zealand and disagreed with it, but he had not been in touch with Mr Trump to make his views clear.

“We wouldn’t implement the kind of policy that is being implemented and we don’t agree with it.”

When asked why he had not criticised Mr Trump’s order, Mr English said, “I just have”.

“We’re not being meek at all. President Trump has got to deal with his own issues and his own election promises.”

“We don’t agree with the policy. We have to yet to see just what turns out to be the long-term policy for the US, because this is a temporary measure.”

“It does appear to have created some real chaos in the short term.”

Discrimination was “not the New Zealand way”.


How about your promotion of UNSC 2334 which clearly discriminates against Jews and their most sacred religious site? Was that not the New Zealand way?

Lord save us from wet politicians.

We need stronger politicians, not dripping wet drop kicks who could only lead after a sneaky weasel deal.


– Radio NZ