Bradbury admits that he was ” in the engine room ” of the Internet Party

There?s a lot of talk, mainly from Kim Dotcom, that he?s going to restart the Internet Party. As someone who was in the engine room of the last attempt, I think the idea that the Internet Party could get 5% in 2017 seems ludicrous in the extreme.

-Martyn Bradbury

No matter which side of the political divide you are on and no matter whether or not you are a fan of Whaleoil most people at least suspect that Kim Dotcom had something to do with the hacking of Whaleoil.

When radio journalist Sean Plunket?invited Rawshark to ring up the first person to call Sean was Kim Dotcom.?In addition to that very strange co-incidence, Kim actually bragged in a speech at an Internet Party gathering about how he had hacked the German Prime Minister’s financial rating. When asked point blank by media if he had hacked Whaleoil he said ” no” with a big smile on his face.

Later his personal bodyguard sent us copies of texts?that appear to reveal that Kim knew that the Dirty Politics hit on us was coming and that he had hired ” professionals ” to get him ” information.”

Kim Dotcom famously paid for the political advice of Martyn Bradbury to help him create the Internet Party.?The deal included a brand new laptop?but Martyn Bradbury distanced himself when the manure hit the fan and claimed he had only been a contractor who had completed one basic outline/plan for the Internet Party and had no more to do with it. Now, years later, he is claiming that he was right in the thick of it in the ” engine room ” of the Internet Party.

Second time round he is not so keen on the Internet Party but I am sure that an offer of a shiny new laptop will help him gain some enthusiasm for it. Mind you I suspect Gareth Morgan may have gotten in first?given the glowing posts from Martyn about yet another eccentric, white, millionaire with a brand new political party.

…So far so good, but what could throw everything out of line is if Gareth Morgan decides to stand in Mt Albert. This would be a stroke of genius on his behalf as it would allow him to showcase TOP policy which would end up making Labour?s policy look light weight in comparison.

Gareth?could showcase his Party at a time when the media have nothing else to feast on, if TOP are serious expect Gareth to put his hat in the ring.

-Martyn Bradbury

Gareth Morgan must feel confident that Mt Albert is his for the taking. If he has Bradbury in the engine room his campaign is guaranteed to pick up steam. Where that political train will take him however, well…