Ex Green party leader blackmailing Fonterra

What is it with these so-called Green virtue signalling bastards who think that blackmail and blockades are valid methods for discussing changes to private businesses.

A protest to stop Fonterra from burning coal in its factories is underway in South Canterbury.

Five people, including former Green Party leader Jeanette Fitzsimons, have chained themselves to the gate of the Clandeboye Dairy Factory.

She said Fonterra is the second biggest user of coal in the country, and they have been trying for some time to get the company to switch to wood chips. ?

Ms Fitzsimons said they have no other option to get their point across, as Fonterra simply haven’t listened to other attempts to stop the use of coal.

“We are blocking the gate that the coal trucks come through to supply the Clandeboye Dairy plant, and forcing them to go around the long way.”

Excuse me, but what is the difference between burning coal and burning wood chips? They are still burning trees, just in a different form.

It is such a ridiculous argument that hardly warrants blackmail and blockades.

I wonder how courageous they’d be with a 50 tonne coal truck bearing down on them?

I also wonder of Jeanette?Fitzsimons has stopped using petrol for gorse clearance during a fire ban?


– NewstalkZB