Immigration good. Maybe

Think tank the New Zealand Initiative published [a report on immigration]?on Monday.

It says immigration during the past several centuries turned an uninhabited island into one of the best countries to live in.

It acknowledges that net migration of 69,000 in the 2015/16 year raised valid concerns about competition for jobs and housing, but says politicians have harnessed fear and confusion about possible links with terrorism.

The NZ First leader says the report reflects a “jaundiced and biased” point of view.

“NZ Initiative has skewed its research to its advantage – to keep a lid on wages and add competition in the workforce,” he said on Monday.

“The researchers deliberately ignore major inquiries, like the influential House of Lords committee which stated that record levels of immigration have had `little or no impact’ on the economic wellbeing of Britons.”

The report clearly didn’t take the viewpoint of Maori as immigrants took over their country. ?Also, as we have seen from Europe, immigration has been fine for a century or so. ?Until…?

Until Islamification of previously non-Muslim countries. ?And then things went pear shaped.

So yes. ?Immigration has been great for New Zealand recently. ?And it may continue to be great. ?As long as our immigration policy does not trip the conditions where Islamification of Muslim enclaves starts. ? Mt Roskill in Auckland would be one such concerning situation right now, with an established police, court and prison history surrounding extreme Islam.

Immigration is good. ?Will remain good. ?But we have to discriminate as to who we let in. ?And letting in people that have at heart an objective to create one Muslim caliphate under Allah simply will never be the “good” immigrants we need.

They weren’t for Europe. ?They won’t be for us.


– NZN via Yahoo! News