Some interesting titbits from Auckland Council election returns

Hamish Coleman-Ross should stick to sailing

I’ve been going through the Auckland Council election expense and donation returns over the past few days since they were released on the Auckland Council website.

There are some interesting titbits to digest.

Greg Presland, who is now putting his name in the hat for Labour in New Lynn didn’t declare a single donation or contribution but spent over $40,000 getting himself elected.

If he wins the selection that would seem a total waste of resources. Presumably, he is now spending even more of his own money trying to secure Labour’s selection. Life must be good as a small community law office.

Looking through the returns of failed candidate Calum Penrose was really interesting, particularly on his expenses. ?

Included in his returns were the complete returns for the Papakura?First ticket debacle. One thing stood out and that was substantial payments to a Hamish Ross. That is likely to be?Hamish Coleman-Ross?the self-described?”Media Mercenary of the highest caliber”. If he was any good as a communicator then he’d know calibre isn’t spelt the way he spelt it. He certainly charges like a media mercenary stiffing Papakura First more $20,450 for their electoral disaster. Only John Walker was returned onto?council.?Calum Penrose got rinsed by Daniel Newman. Furthermore, not only was Penrose soundly defeated, but John Walker was outpolled by Daniel Newman as well. Papakura First did slightly better at the local board level, but it seems a poor return for such a large fee. Again looking at the results on the local board side, McEntee, Auva’a and Turner were elected polling, 4th, 5th and 6th respectively. Their other candidates were all destroyed.

I looked through a few more returns and found that Mr Coleman-Ross also managed the campaign of failed candidate Penny Webster, who was beaten by Greg Sayers.

So,?Hamish Coleman-Ross has scalped more than $33,000 on two pretty spectacular failed campaigns. But there was something interesting in looking at the person who beat Penny Webster, Greg Sayers, and his returns.

Yep, that’s my mate Simon Lusk, and he only charged Greg Sayers just $2,300 for the win.

It would seem that if a candidate is approached by Hamish Coleman-Ross to manage their campaigns it would be wise for them to demur and thank him nicely for his interest and go call Simon Lusk. You will likely win and save a bucket of cash on the way through.

Personally, I think Simon charges way too little. Hamish Coleman-Ross certainly charges way too much if results are factored into equations.

Whenever candidates are seeking professional advice they should always ask for the campaign consultant’s track record.

The problem with people like Hamish Coleman-Ross is that they are part of this new era of pricks who associate with The Spinoff?. They are legends in their own minds but have no real relationship with voters.

When searching for Hamish Coleman-Ross I did end up at his author’s page at The Spinoff and had to laugh at the advertising that was presented to me.

Failure is an option, just phone Hamish.

I can’t wait for him to turn up advising Gareth Morgan.

If you want some laughs, read his whinge-fest at The Spinoff where he blames post-truth politics for being a shit campaign manager. Still, at least he got paid for being a loser.

Again, a warning for candidates looking for a win, hire a campaign manager who actually understands voters and won’t leave you scrambling around the couch for spare change after they’ve long departed with your hard earned cash. You should see if the campaign manager will put a good portion of their fee ‘at risk’ by making that a winner’s bonus. I’ll bet you a dollar to a knob of goat poo that Hamish Coleman-Ross has never put any of his income at risk ever.


– Auckland Council