Lorde on Trump (yes really)

Stay outraged people.

The Grammy winner, from Auckland’s North Shore, took to Twitter to warn the “old men in power” that there’s a storm coming, “the likes of which they cannot comprehend”.

“When I was 15 I didn’t know how to call a representative or protest efficiently, but every kid does now, whichever side they’re on,” the artist, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, tweeted to her 4.45 million followers.

Lorde, who spends lots of her time in the United States, has let her fans know how she feels.

“The amount of hatred and fear radiating from this administration is already hard to bear, but we have to stay informed and stay outraged,” she started.

“People with significant privilege and people outside the US, find a small way to be an ally if you haven’t already.

“Every kid in the world can discuss names/specifics of this administration in the way that young people once broke down boy bands/TV shows.

“These old men in power have a storm coming, the likes of which they cannot comprehend.”

Oddly enough, I was just musing about Lorde a few days ago. ?As in “will she be a one hit wonder?”. ?Being a?C list celeb who was the friend of an A list celeb kept her in the headlines a lot longer, but in the end, we all went Royal, and then we all went quiet.

I’m sure her 4.5 million followers will be outraged for her.

Old white men are the problem. ?Damn, she could be New Zealand’s next Race Reconciliator!

Ella, thanks for being interested in politics. ?It’s a nice healthy interest for young white women to have. Just don’t mind us for not taking your views as relevant because you like to sing a catchy?song.

– NSN via Yahoo! News