Is the Maori Party a friend of Israel?

As I did with all the other political parties I approached the Maori Party for comment on the New Zealand sponsored UN resolution 2334 against Israel. After I received a response from their media spokesperson I e-mailed her the following questions:

1. Does the Maori?Party consider itself to be a friend of Israel?
2. Does the Maori Party support Murray McCully’s decision to sponsor resolution 2334 against democratic Israel along with communist Venezuela and Islamic Senegal?
3. Does the Maori Party support the rights of the Jews to Israel as indigenous people of that region?
4.As a support partner of the current government were?you briefed in any way about this resolution?
If you weren’t briefed why do you think that you were not informed?
5.The Maori Party believes in Tino Rangatiratanga. If any of your answers to our previous questions suppose it is all about Tino Rangatiratanga for Palestinians why do you not consider Tino Rangatiratanga for Jews who have resided in the exact same region for more than three thousand years and certainly before any such people as Palestinians and eighteen hundred years before Islam was even invented?

After a couple of days passed without a reply I sent the following e-mail:

Hello Renee

I am looking forward to your response. You may be interested in our latest guest video and post as it talks about indigenous rights.
Within two hours of sending the e-mail I received the following reply:

Kia ora Juana

Here’s a comment from the M?ori Party co-leaders Marama Fox and Te Ururoa Flavell that you can use.

“This is a 2000-year-old struggle that the M?ori Party is not about to wade into. Both sides claim tangata whenua status. However, we note that the current sanctions imposed against Pallestine are inhumane and cause great suffering of innocent women and children.”

This is all the M?ori Party has to say on this matter.

Ng? mihi